zaterdag 22 juli 2017

Salamanca Day 2017

Dear folks,

Yeah I know, another year gone by without updates, this is the traditional  Salamanca day update and I have some news.
The reason why the project  has stalled for so long is the lack of good and affordable 1812 French infantry. Sure I could convert them but takes too much time, sure I could also go for white metal but that is rather expensive.

In the meantime HaT has produced  suitable French which are on the verge of being  released and this has prompted  me to start the project for real this time. In December the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge will start and I am planning to paint the figures during the challenge.

Anyway if all works out this blog will be more busy soon!

Cheers Sander

vrijdag 22 juli 2016

Salamanca day again...

Hoi There,

Another year without much progress...or so it seems! For the last few years I have been much in doubt whether I would be able to finish this project due to a lack of decent early French infantry figures. None of the available French sets offered enough decent figures in marching poses compatible with the HäT British.
Now this dirth of good sets seems to have come to an end, HäT have released testshots for both pre- and post-Bardin regulation figures including flank companies in greatcoat and a pre 1812 command set. Pictures of all these testshots are shown below.

Now when these Frenchies are released in earnest, I will buy a load and get planning and painting in a more serious way. So for now, yet again, you will have to be content with just a small peak at a possible future although the sun is shining more brightly on this little horizon at least. In the real world it is a bit more grimm...

Cheers Sander

woensdag 22 juli 2015

Salamanca Day 2015


While I would love to show some progress on the project itself today in honour of the Anniversary of the Battle of Salamanca I will show you something else. Today's update brings you some painted HäT test-shots of the British Light Dragoons from the Peninsular War era. These are very nice figures with two of them having pegs instead of right arms which you can choose yourself from several available ones brandishing a variety of utensils like pistols swords and a bugle.

For these I chose the uniform of the 14th LD's with slightly orange-ish facings. Why this regiment? Well I couldn't decide what regiment to paint and than Fate kicked in because while reading Wellington's Military despatches I stumbled along the Duke mentioning a skirmish between the 14th and Massena's advance guard in 1810 somewhere along the Lines of Torres Vedras. So it was decided that I should depict the 14th and here they are.


zaterdag 9 mei 2015

9 months have gone and passed...


As is the destiny of this blog it has taken me about 9 months before I have been able to get the project to the next level. The last two weeks I have  been off from work and thus I took out the diorama and gave the plates their final layers of paint. The paint used are two colours of Valejo textured paint. I started out with Brown Earth and dry-brushed it with Desert Sand.
Now I just have a few spots to touch up and than I will have to decide whether I want to put on a layer of gloss varnish to help protect the surface.

 Well without further ado, here are the pictures.

An overview of the entire table:

A look from the Allied left flank upon the French position:

A look from the French position (upon the hill) down to the Allied position:

The upper half of this picture shows the position of the British Artillery, upon the heights and in the lower left corner there will be a clash of French and Portuguese cavalry.

Cheers Sander 

dinsdag 22 juli 2014


Well July 22nd is the day that the Battle of Salamanca was fought in the year 1812. Followers of this blog concerning my "Big Project", the first phase of the battle is what I am trying to depict on a 1,50m x 1,50m diorama, will not be surprised by this commemorative post.

While progress is still very slow, I have decided to try and finish painting the groundwork plates this Summer. Anyway, I couldn't let slip this day without thinking about the day the battle itself was fought on. The other blog is far more active due to the fact I use it to showcase all my other hobby projects, yet Salamanca is never far from my mind....

zaterdag 3 mei 2014

Next phase: Priming!

The project is entering the next phase in it's development: priming of the plates! Some days ago the weather was finally good and dry enough for me to basecoat all the dio plates with Rat Fur primer from Armypainter. Sadly I had used up all my primer (3 spraycans!) with 1,5 plates still to go...
Oh well, I guess I need to go to the shop for a new one then ;-)

I took a lot of pictures but most are overexposed, so I only have 2 more or less decent ones to show you guys:

Cheers Sander

dinsdag 14 januari 2014

Landscaping: a good start of 2014!


Let's start with wishing you all the best for 2014! If 2013 has been rather slow, progress in 2014 is off with a bang. I have managed to put some muck on the diorama modules. This is a mix of wall-plaster, white wood glue and modelling grit. 

This left the plates looking pretty much like this:

Not bad at all, but they had some unnatural straight lines made by my painter's knife during the application of the muck. Which I sanded off before finishing the plates with a layer of thick gloss varnish.

When all plates were supplied with some varnish, which I applied to make sure that the plaster-mixture is less sponge-like, one of the plates had dried enough for a test-layer of spraypaint. I am using Army painter Rat Fur for this and due to lighting problems it looks a lot more reddish in the pictures then it does in real life.

The whole lot drying in their cases:

For highlighting the plates I have obtained a pot of Valejo desert colour structure paint, which I am anxious to apply and see the result of but time is the enemy here!
That's it again for today's update!

Cheers Sander